Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Paravane prototype number 2 is almost ready

I got my aluminum paravane back from the welder today.  I cut some styrofoam to go on it and took some pictures.  I was planning to put the fiberglass and resin but I have a sun cure resin and it was cloudy.  If we get any sun tomorrow I will finish this and try to test it.

With the foam resting on top, this is the view from the front.  It is sort of a toy catamaran with huge keels and no mast.  At slow speeds the foam will also act like a keel.   The string attaches on the right, so I want that one to lift out first if the pull gets to be too high.  This should reduce the pull even though the left keel was still in:

This is the view from the side.  If you look close you can see where the string will attach.  The foam has been cut away a bit:

This a view looking down the way the string will be.  Note how it attaches at the top of the close keel and is in line with the bottom of the far keel.  I think this will reduce the rolling force from the string.

This is a view with the foam set to the side:

I need to be able to lift it out of the water while I am in the boat, without hitting the boat.  I have a pole with a hook on it that I use to grab the mooring for the boat and expect to use that.   The welder made this nice handle but if there is water going over the top it will cause drag, so i might cut it off.  I was thinking to have an aluminum welding rod between the inside of the front tabs and have drilled holes there in case I decide to put a wire there.

The goal for this paravane prototype is to test the stability of this basic design at slow and higher speeds and to get more pull on the line than the 6 lbs we got from the toy sailboat prototype.

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