Thursday, February 28, 2013

This is the aluminum I cut for my first custom paravane yesterday.  I cleaned off the edges and took them by the welder today.  He thinks he can have it welded Monday.  Can't wait to try it out.

These pieces are sort of in position with it coming toward us and the string going to the right.  Two square pieces are 1 foot on a side and will go below as keels.   There will be several holes on the right so I can try different string positions.  The keels will be angled at a 2:1 slope so they are at 90 degrees to string. The longer small pieces below are at the front and will be angled up so as to push water down and keep the center piece at a good angle to lift. The back two small pieces will be angled up a little bit so they only push if body starts to angle too much. Styrofoam pieces will be like two hulls of catamaran on left and right, same width as small pieces. 

Below are 3 views.  Note that the top view below has front up where the pieces of aluminum above had front down.  

The main test I want to do is walking along the pier at 4 or 5 MPH and then suddenly pulling really hard on the string.   This is to simulate the boat moving along and then a wave making the mast pull hard.  I want the paravane to top out around 100 lbs of pull.  If it is too high I could make the area on the 2 keels smaller.

Amoni next to the aluminum before cutting.  He helped me mark out where to cut.  I asked what blade to use at the hardware store and they gave me a blade for cutting steel.  It was horrible.  I then checked with the Internet and found that the blade for cutting wood that I had taken off was fine.  I put that back on and cutting was fast and easy.

Today we also moved the boat next to where we live so it will be easy to fix up.  Lots to do.


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