Thursday, March 14, 2013

Video of Paravane 2 experiments

Here are some videos of Paravane 2 after it was balanced by cutting out part of the front of the 2 keels. 

We had some trouble with seaweed:

More trouble with seaweed

Nice run:

Another nice run:

Using 3 lines to control angle better:

Using 3 lines again:

Just 2 lines, front and back, not bottom of keel.  This can flip if I pull to hard.  Catamarans have two stable positions and one is not good.   Thinking about a monohull design.

The keels are trying to push up on the water a bit but the water off the far keel pushes on the bottom of the main body and lifts it up.  I will probably try cutting down on the width of the center piece next.

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