Wednesday, March 6, 2013


One thing a computer guy living on a tropical island has to worry about is redundancy and backups.  There is no Fry's in Anguilla.  Anything you order takes at least a week to come.  When I think about boating I do so with a keen eye to redundancy.  Some of the things we will have are:

  1. Solar/Battery/Electric  - Even if the battery goes dead we can just wait a bit to charge it up.
  2. Outboard - Eric got the 50 Hp outboard engine working.  It was not as bad as I had feared.  This can move me along like 12 knots for 50 miles or so on the two 6 gallon tanks I have.
  3. Sail power - this is a sailboat so wind is an option
  4. Kite - I have a few kites.  I think even a small kite could be fun for steering with rudders and engine up.  If I stand near the front of the boat it will turn downwind, if I stand near the bank the back will go downwind.   Will have to try this just because.
  5. Sea Anchor  - can stop out in the ocean anywhere and take a break
  6. Regular anchor - most of where I go will be shallow water
  7. I have spare rudder and daggerboard.
  8. Initial testing will be done upwind so we could drift back to the harbor if we had too.   
  9. We will also have cell phones and these work further from shore than we will be going for some time.
  10. Installing a VHF radio
  11. We won't be going out unless the weather looks good
  12. The boat has so much foam built into it that it can not sink.
 So we should have lots of redundancy.   

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