Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Naming the idea

If I am the first to try stabilizing a boat by connecting two paravanes to the top of the mast, then I think I get to make up a name for this idea.  So I am going to list some here and welcome any suggestions anyone else comes up with.  Can also comment about which you like best.

Mast stabilizers - stabilizes the boat by stabilizing the mast
Tension trimaran - two extra hulls attached by lines - really wide and stable

Inriggers  - a boat can push down on two outriggers or pull on two inriggers
Mast paravanes -
Training keels - kind of like training wheels for boats
Mast keels - couple extra keels you attach to your mast
Mast fish - trawler paravanes are called fish
Mast floopperstoppers
Dual overhead stabilizers - at least the lines are overhead
water-kite stabilizers

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