Monday, August 5, 2013

Lowering Mast with Solar Panels

As I was lowering the mast it became clear the spreaders wanted to pass through the solar panels.   This was a problem.

I detached the spreader (one bolt) and lowered some more.  Then the mast was about to hit the solar panels.  So I moved all the solar panels back as far as I could without hitting the mast support.  Then I was able to lower the mast onto the mast support without the mast hitting the panels.  In this picture it looks like I have a good inch to spare, but the mast jack is still lifting on the mast.  After it is removed there was only about a half inch.   That is cutting it close.

Then moved the mast forward onto its stand and reattached the spreader.    This means I will always have to undo the bolt for the spreader, but this is not too bad.   It could have been worse.

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