Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pipe Paravane

Last night I thought up a really simple paravane and then built it this morning and tested it before school!   It is just a pipe and some styrofoam.  It works reasonably well.  The two problems I see so far are that it will catch seaweed and that when the front comes out of the water it gets lighter and does not pull enough.  I will probably try a bigger diameter and shorter pipe next.   If I angle the front and have a notch all the way down the length of the pipe there will be less seaweed trouble.  Seaweed could still catch on the string.  The pipe would always be under water, so I am not sure yet how to keep the string safe from seaweed.

I could jerk on the line hard and as long as there was water in the pipe it resisted well.  The foam would lean away and the pipe would stay underwater.  This really was better than I expected.

The pipe is 3 feet long. The foam 2 inches thick and 2 feet long.


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