Sunday, April 21, 2013

Big Pipe Paravane

This paravane uses a 1 foot long piece of 1 foot diameter pipe, a piece of aluminum bent into the shape of a water ski, and a piece of foam attached with quick ties.   The ski is to follow the surface.  The pipe makes an entraped volume of water that gives good inertia against sudden pulls.  The round shape means that it can tip and not reduce how well it works.  When going fast the foam does not add resistance as it is out of the water.  It was cheap and easy to make and works really well.

It would have trouble with catching seaweed.  With holes on both sides  this could work well as a spare paravane for either the left or right side of the boat.  Once when I was running and it hit a big wave it got out of the water enough to reduce tension but then went back in right away.

Some short pulls got my scale to read about 50 lbs.  So this is in the right size range to try attaching to my sailboat mast.   Getting eager to get the boat in the water and test paravanes attached to the mast.

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