Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Quadbike for driving on the ocean

You can take an existing quadbike and drive on water, as shown in this video:

If you used a quadbike with 4 wheel drive, bigger tires, a mud-tire tred, some safety floatation, it could work very well.  The tire below works well for pushing water.  The bike would have to be designed to withstand saltwater, which is probably the real hard part of this idea.   But it could be done and would be fantastic to drive around the ocean at high speed.   So commuting from your floating home to someplace on land could be very fast and a lot of fun.   If you are not needing to go far, a 4 wheel drive electric might be easier to make resistant to salt water.   Also, if you have a solar powered floating home you would always be able to charge up an electric bike.  

Another video with several guys doing it many times:


  1. There's an episode of Mythbusters where they drive a motorcycle across a lake. Definitely fun to watch. However, they learn that the distance they can cover (before sinking) is rather limited.

    This looks like more of a stunt than a practical means of commuting. How on earth would you get a running start when launching from your floating home? Still, a fun topic to explore.

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