Sunday, May 19, 2013

Long Line Troubles

We went out again yesterday.   We had about 80 feet of 125 lb fishing line and 20 feet of line that is attached to the top of the mast, for about 100 feet from the paravane to the mast.  

We tested the line in the office and with 8 feet of line we could stretch it about 1 foot before it snapped, so we should have about 10 feet with the 80 foot piece.   The good news is that we did not snap the line!   The bad news is that we got slack on the line and the paravane turned around in the waves before we got the slack out.  By then the two strings on the paravane had gone under and it would not straighten out.  

I am thinking I will push ahead with the all aluminum catamaran paravane design as it does not have the 2 strings that could get messed up.

I am also thinking of having the line to the paravane on a fishing pole reel.  So I would just attach that to the line on the mast and then toss in the paravane.  The reel would be set to let out the line when there was enough pull.  I think this will be a much simpler procedure than what we have been doing.   It would also make it easier to reel in the line when done.

It is a bit windy this next week so we probably won't be going out again soon.

We had camera trouble so I do not have any pictures or video to show from yesterday.

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